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3ml Glass Cartridge For Injection Pen

3ml Glass Cartridge For Injection Pen

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This 3ml clear borosilicate glass cartridge with plunger and aluminium cap is ideal for pharmaceutical use, such as medicine, injectable anesthetics and insulin. The USP Type I neutral glass ensures the cartridge system is safe, while the injection rubber plugs and caps provide versatile use. Ensure your pharmaceutical needs with Faxne pharmaceutical glass cartridges.

The cartridge system comprises a glass barrel, a plunger and a lined cap (aluminum cap + lined rubber) or a vial crimp (aluminum cap + rubber stopper). Depending on the application and fill-finish process, the stoppers and caps vary in sizes, formulation, and design.

Essential details
Industrial Use:Medicine, Pharmaceutical/Injectable anesthetics and insulin/Dental cartridges
Material:USP TYPE I, Neutral borosilicate glass
Use:INFUSION, Liquid, Other MedIcine
Model Number:3ml
Brand Name:Faxne pharmaceutical glass cartridges
Color:Clear, transparent
Caps:Injection rubber plugs and caps are available
Certification:ISO 15378, CNAS L5691, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO14001, ISO 50001

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