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Auto injector for 1ml PFS

Auto injector for 1ml PFS

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Auto lnjector 1ml PFS,1ml pfs auto injection device, disposable auto injection device, auto injection device,Single-Dose disposable Autoinjector
Mature+ Technology,Post-trigger device,Ease operation, and needle will be insertedautomatically,Pleasing design,Individual designs for different target patientgroups,Slim and short,Provide distinct differentation for drugs,Protective design,The needle protector will prevent the patients from injuryafter the injection.

Mature design processaims to acheive the purposeof easy operation, safe &reliable,Mature technology,lt may provide patients with comfortable operating experience andhigh standard acceptance.

Compatible syringe:1ml long 25-29G 1/2IN PFS
Filling volume:0.2-1ml
Injection dosage:Inject a full dose in one time
Injection time:< 10s (lt depends on filling, viscosity and needle)
Diameter of needle:27G or 29G
Needle insertion:5-6mm
Feedback after injection: Auditory and visual feedback
Safety function:Safety lock device prevents injection before loading

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