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Cotton Diabetic Socks 5 Pairs

Cotton Diabetic Socks 5 Pairs

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Diabetic Athletic Socks:

These socks are specifically tailored to be non-restrictive and boost blood circulation, which makes for the perfect for people with diabetes, edema, and neuropathy caused by circulatory problems.

  • Designed for diabetics and those suffering with circulation issues, these socks provide you with the comfort and support you need to keep healthy and keep going.
  • Comfort Beyond Compare: Ultra-Soft, Non-binding comfort top that gently conforms to your leg without constricting for a relaxed comfortable fit. Perfect for individuals with diabetes or circulatory issues.
  • Stay In Place: Engineered to stay up while gently hugging to the leg
  • Cool & Comfortable: Moisture Control Fibers help keep socks dry and comfortable.
  • Odor Control: Odor fighting technology effectively fights odors, keeping socks fresh.
  • Smooth Seams & Supportive Cushioning: Ultra-smooth toe seam and cushioned sole provides all day comfort for sensitive feet.

Extra Wide Socks for Lymphedema Swollen Feet Leg, Bariatric Socks, Medical Cast Sock, Diabetic Non Binding Socks – Oversized Neuropathy Swelling Feet Socks for Women Men Over Calves

Bariatric Wide Socks for Swollen Ankle Leg- These lymphedema socks have super wide stretch up to 25 Inch, They are designed for wide calf, swollen leg, diabetic foot, lymphedema, bariatric. The socks are super stretchy and non binding fit, Which are ideal for people with swollen feet, ankles or calves caused by extreme lymphedema or circulation problem.

Why You Need Extra Wide Socks – The diabetes has bad foot circulation, so they need pair of non binding socks which won’t cut circulatory then improve foot/leg circulation. The extra wide stretch socks fit for swelling edema foot ankle or leg, it can relief the pain and reduce the recovery time.It is great cast socks.

Who Need These Special Socks – We know it is hard to find out extra wide non binding stay up socks form market, we design this socks for Bariatric Lymphedema foot, the extra wide socks are the exact socks for thick swollen edema foot ankle leg, the non binding top is great for the elderly diabetic Neuropathy sensitive feet. In addition, it is great cast leg socks or walking boot socks.

The Key Features Of The Extra Wide Socks: Non binding diabetic socks, cushioned socks for men and women one size for most(including socks size 9-11 10-13), extra wide stretch up to 25 Inch on calf. Reduce skin irritation for walking boot, great as cast socks for wounded foot or leg.

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