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Disposable HGH Pen for 3ml Glass Cartridge

Disposable HGH Pen for 3ml Glass Cartridge

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A key feature of a disposable pen injector is that it is a prefilled, ready-to-use device that can be easily disposed of after use. It typically consists of a cartridge containing the medication, a needle, and an injection mechanism, all of which are encased in a single unit. The disposable nature of the pen injector reduces the risk of contamination and eliminates the need for needle and cartridge changes, making it a convenient and safe option for self-injection by patients. The design of the pen injector also allows for accurate dosing and ease of use, making it a popular choice for administering a variety of medications, such as insulin for diabetes treatment.
Body Color Dark green or customized
Weight 30.2g (Without cartridge & needle)
Size 164mm*16.8mm
Cartridge Storage Volume 3ml
Compatible with needles Various types, according to ISO 11608-2
For example:B|BRAUN®, Novofine® and Becton, Dickinson and Company insulin pen needles
Cartridge-Compatibility 3 ml cartridge, according to ISO 11608-3
Injection Force ≤15N
Device type:Disposable Varible dose Pen
Dose type:Min.0.01mL, Max.0.60mL
Needle attachment:user-attached
Route of administration:Subcutaneous
Needle insertion:Manual
Needle removal:Manual
Activation:push dial sleeve to output a dose
Injection feedback:Audible click at beginning and end

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