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Insulin Pen Cooler Travel Case

Insulin Pen Cooler Travel Case

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Insulin Pen Cooler Travel Case Diabetic Medication Insulated Cool Organizer with 1 Reusable Medical Cooler Bag for Diabetes for Insulin Pen and Other Diabetic Supplies, for the Daily Life and Trip

The insulin carrying case is made of high-quality oxford fabric, EVA material and foil, hard shell protects the insulin pens and diabetic medication supplies from damage.
The insulin cases for diabetics interior has high quality aluminum foil as well as re-freezable ice bricks for excellent cold retention. It can protect your insulin pen for up to 8-10 hours without electricity.
The case with is able to store 2 Insulin Pens. The mesh pocket can hold disposable syringes, alcohol cottonor, glucose meter or other small supplies as you need. Bottom webbing is easy to take the ice brick out.
This portable handheld insulin case has a lightweight design, perfect for daily use for diabetics, work, business travel, hiking, camping and more. Bringing your insulin supplies with you becomes easier and safer.
Package include 1 Insulin Pen Travel Case + 1 re-freezable ice brick. With 30 days money back, 1 year warranty and easy to contact service customer service.

Efficient Cold Storage
Filled with polymer, the cold storage capacity of PCM ice brick is many times that of other materials with the same volume, such as gel ice pack. It can release a balanced amount of cold, even for every detail. PCM is able to control the temperature, which solves the problem of insulin invalidation caused by freezing.

Good Insulation Performance
As a widely-used insulation material, aluminum foil does well. Along with the airtight shell and waterproof zipper, it can effectively cool supplies for 8-10h. Moreover, a hard shell can provide supplies inside with good protection. But inevitably, the zipper may be difficult to pull. Don't worry, it's not a quality problem.

TSA-approved Product
We've given our users the freedom to enjoy a full journey - it's okay to take your medications on board, simply notify the TSA officers that you have medically necessary medications and place them in a separate bin for screening. For details, contact the TSA 72 hours before your departure.

Capacity Statement
The ice brick can keep two insulin pens, don't bother to replace the refill when you run out of the original one. If you are taking two types of insulin, it couldn't be more fitting. The high-capacity mesh bag can hold injection needles, pen refills, alcohol pads and cotton swabs, ensuring a clean and sanitary injection in all respects.

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