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Metal reusable Insulin Pen

Metal reusable Insulin Pen

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The metal pen reusable Insulin Pens are a reliable, intuitive and easy-to-use solution for diabetics, HGH and GLP-1 injections. It has a threaded connection for easy operation, a standard 3ml cartridge and dose knob scale of 0,2,4,6,8.....80 with 0.1IU (0.01ml) increments. It is reusable and replaceable up to 3 years or 5000 times for maximum efficiency.

Large Volume Diabetes Insulin Pen Insulin Syringe Easy Operation semaglutid injections/Ozempic/HGH/GLP-1/reusable Insulin Pen

Use Method:Reusable Insulin Pen

Function:Reusable, replaceable refill
Surface:Matte effect / paint /
Connection:Threaded connection for easy operation
Usage:Diabets(Insulin), HGH(Human Growth Hormone)
Life:3 years or 5000 times
Injection range:0-80IU, 1IU increments, maximum 80IU (0.8ml)
Main Container:Standard 3 ml cartridge, in line with ISO 11608-3
Injection increment:0.1IU (0.01ml)
Dose Knob scale:0,2,4,6,8.....80

Reusable pens: multiple use, same efficiency
Our reusable pens ensure the application of proven technological solutions with reliability, intuitiveness as well as ease-of-use.

Ergonomic, market-proven reusable pen injectors
Our spring-assisted reusable pens lower the force necessary to administer the dose for patient’s ease-of-use. Thanks to its ergonomic design, patients can easily reach the trigger button for an enhanced injection experience. This platform offers a high range of products dedicated to administration of variety of medicines.

Automatic, low-force delivery system
Easy-to-read dose indicator
Dial-back mechanism
Green dot displayed to confirm the completion of the dose delivery
Constant speed of the drug injection
Audible click confirming the setting of the dose demanded
Fully transparent cartridge holder
High robustness
Modern design
Soft coat surface
Convenient emplacement of the trigger button
Self-screwed plunger

Easy-to-read dose indicator and fully transparent cartridge holder
Low-force spring-assisted dose delivery
Ergonomic, easy-to-reach trigger button
Visual confirmation of the completion of dose delivery
High robustness and modern design

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