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Pen Injectors For 4ml Double Chamber Cartridge

Pen Injectors For 4ml Double Chamber Cartridge

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Injection Pen for double chamber cartridge for Human Growth Disposable injection pen HGH pen for hgh hormone injection Disposable Injection pen for 4ML cartridge somatropin Human Growth Hormone liquid for HGH

CE approval

Product Features
Spring driven delivery for an effortless and comfortable injection process
Intuitive and proven twist motion dose dialling and push-button activation for maximum patient acceptance
Bayonet connection and sliding for quick cartridge change
For insulin, HGH and other multi-dose therapies
High quality look & feel
Product Features
Dose adjustment is convenient, adjustable range 0~60 IU (0~0.6mL)
Minimum Single dose 1 IU (0.01mL);
Injection of high precision, the error is less than 5%;
Compitable 4ML cartridge .
Product Features
Actuator own patented technology, injection feel comfortable;
Dose setting and dose calibration process apparent aurally tactile feedback to achieve the best user experience;
Five years guarantee

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